Costs & Process

We offer great value for money

The cost of a hair transplant and a beard transplant in our clinic depends on the patient’s expectations and needs. We calculate prices  very fairly according to the effort involved in such a transplant. Important factors are:

  • the number of hairs used
  • the size of the transplant area and
  • the duration of the intervention, which also depends on the quality of the donor hair.

The costs for hair transplants are to be calculated individually for each patient, starting at  €4000 and depending on the size of the operation.

This puts DHI in the upper price segment which is justified – that’s what all our satisfied customers say! Because only specially trained and certified doctors will treat you. Our globally proven DHI method creates a 100% natural look with a growth rate of at least 93%, and all this without a scalpel, without visible scars and with almost no pain. Plus, you don’t have to travel abroad with all the uncertainties.

All consultations before and the care after your procedure, which extends over at least 12 months, is free of charge. After the successful transplantation by one of our DHI doctors, our 24-hour medical service can be reached.

DHI Vienna also offers you partial installment payments with 0.0% financing. We would be happy to advise you personally on this.



What is the “price per follicle” – why this question should not be asked like this?

Our promise  is to deliver on an expected end result – meaning which zones are to be covered with hair and with which density per zone. We only talk about number of hairs (not follicles!) in an approximate way. This also applies to beard transplant.

We consider statements – made by some competitors – about the costs per follicle to be problematic for several reasons:

Hair vs. follicle

There are hair roots with several hairs (so-called follicular units with 2, 3, 4 or 5 separate hairs), which some providers cut open. More hair follicles with only 1 hair are then inserted. If a price is then given per follicle, this is misleading. With DHI, the follicles are never cut open but inserted as they were removed.

Growth rate of the transplanted hair

This depends on many factors (see also comparison of methods) – how carefully the hair was removed, how well the hair was stored between extraction and  implantation, whether the follicles were divided, and whether the doctor was careful and accurate when inserting the hair. At DHI, our specialist doctors use thin, high-quality instruments, resulting in a survival rate of over 93%. As this is not achieved by many clinics with other methods, then the price per grown hair automatically increases.

Survival rate of the surrounding hair

It is often overlooked that transplanting into areas of thinning hair can also destroy surrounding healthy hair roots. With the DHI Implanter, DHI doctors can implant very precisely in a single step in a minimally invasive manner and pay special attention to the surrounding hair.

Predicting exact number of hairs

At DHI we will provide you with a price quote for your treatment, but we will  quote only an approximate number of transplanted hairs. Because this depends on circumstances that the doctor can only fully assess during the extraction (e.g. the ratio of hair to follicles or how good the quality of the donor hair is). Every provider has this challenge, which is why an exact price per follicle prediction should always be treated with caution.

We take care of you

From the first contact to your last follow-up appointment, you will be looked after by us throughout.

The process is as follows:

First Consultation

You can make an appointment right away for a free and non-binding initial consultation. We prefer to advise you personally on site, but advice over the phone is also possible. We explain our approach to you, including a comparison of the methods. If you are interested, we can make you a cost estimate at the end of the conversation, even with an appointment reservation.

Open Questions

After the consulation, you will receive the most important information from us in a folder and also sent by email. You can then think about our offer at your leisure and if you have any further questions, your consultant is available at any time, also during another personal appointment and if desired together with the responsible doctor.

Booking the transplantation

As soon as you have decided on a hair transplant at DHI Vienna, we will accommodate you as best we can with your preferred date(s). We also do the operations on weekends and public holidays, for example. We then ask you for a deposit of €500 so that we can assure you of your chosen date.

Medical pre-operation consultation

A few weeks before your hair transplant appointment, a member of our medical team will contact you to schedule the legally required medical pre-operation consultation. This can be done in person  or over the phone. In this conversation you will also receive all the essential information about what you need to consider before and after the procedure.

Before the Transplantation

On the day of the procedure, a member of our consultant team will welcome you, plan the day with you again and then introduce you to the operating medical team, in whose experienced hands you will then be handed over. The doctor will help you settle in with us and then prepare you for the transplant.

During the Transplantation

You spend a full day with us, sometimes even two, because we take our time to ensure quality, safety and comfort. There are always breaks in between, during which you can retreat to your own room. You can choose the lunch menue which is delivered to us. At the end of the procedure, the doctor will sit down with you again, discuss the result and explain in detail what you have to watch out for  in the following days to ensure the optimal success of the operation.

After Care

In the days after the procedure, we keep in regular contact with you and our 24-hour medical service can be reached via a mobile phone number. If desired, we can arrange a personal check-up appointment. In the weeks and months afterwards, we are grateful for follow-up contacts, e.g. by sending current photos. Patients see the first improvements already after a few weeks, and the final results usually show themselves after 9-12 months.

Welche Methode und welche Instrumente werden verwendet?

Neben der Erfahrung des Ärzteteams sind vor allem die Methode, die verwendeten Instrumente und die standardisierten Prozesse zur Gewährleistung der Sicherheit und der Qualität für den Erfolg einer Haartransplantation entscheidend.

DHI ist die weltweit führende Methode

DHI ist seit mehr als 50 Jahren führend bei Eigenhaartransplantationen, und die jetzt verwendete DHI Methode ist seit 15 Jahren im Einsatz
Der DHI Implanter (statt Skalpell und Pinzette) gibt dem Arzt oder der Ärztin optimale Kontrolle über Winkel und Tiefe jedes implantierten Haares
Ein minutiös festgesetzter Ablauf mit standardisierten Prozessen regelt jeden Schritt des Eingriffes.
Es werden strengste hygienische Standards weltweit vorgegeben und deren Einhaltung durch die DHI Gruppe kontrolliert

Wer führt die Implantation durch?

Es muss dem Gesetz nach zwar immer ein Arzt involviert sein. Aber das bedeutet nicht, dass in allen Kliniken und bei allen Methoden der behandelnde Arzt den Eingriff auch durchgehend ausführt, tatsächlich eine hochwertige Ausbildung vorzuweisen hat bzw. genügend Erfahrung mitbringt.

DHI – Eingriff nur durch hochspezialisierte Ärzte

Ein Arzt alleine (nicht mehrere Personen, oftmals Assistenten) führt den gesamten Eingriff durch. Arzt bzw. Ärztin ist von A-Z verantwortlich.
Alle DHI Ärzte haben dieselbe rigorose Ausblidung erhalten sowie jahrelange Erfahrungen im Bereich der Haartransplantation
Jeder Arzt und jede Ärztin ist durch die weltweit einzigartige DHI Acedemy of London zertifiziert

In der Türkei oder doch besser in Wien?

Die zahlreichen auf Haartransplantationen spezialisierten Kliniken im Ausland, vor allem in der Türkei,  unterscheiden sich in vieler Hinsicht von renommierten österreichischen Instituten, wie z.B. DHI Wien

DHI Wien – Sicherheit eines in Wien ansässigen Qualitätsanbieters

24/7 Persönliche Vor-Ort Betreuung durch das DHI Team vor und vor allem nach dem Eingriff
Univ. Prof. Turkof als medizinischer Direktor von DHI Wien und Leiter des auf ästhetische Behandlungen spezialisierten Ärztezentrums "Centrum Ästheticum"
DHI Wien garantiert höchste Hygienestandards und strikte Einhaltung von genau definierten Abläufen während des Eingriffes