Shampoos & Lotions

The new series – shampoo for hair care and lotion against hair loss. In addition to an innovative autohemotherapy, we also offer hair care products specifically for hair loss problems.

Lotions and shampoos against hairloss

The DHI Medical Group has developed a new care line with an improved formula and natural ingredients. The shampoo for healthy hair growth and the lotion against hair loss are suitable for both men and women and for all hair types.

Shampoo for healthy hair growth

A latest generation shampoo with oligopeptides that fight against hair loss, protect and nourish the hair. This product is available for normal, dry and oily hair.

Lotion for healthy hair growth 

A latest generation lotion with oligopeptides that fight against hair loss and with ginseng extracts that stimulate scalp microcirculation and help hair growth.

Extra mild shampoo

A particularly mild, non-irritating shampoo with a gentle cleansing effect that counteracts hair loss and protects and nourishes the hair.

Soothing Lotion

A soothing lotion that counteracts irritation and provides short and long term immune protection. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, moisturizes and protects the hair and scalp.

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