Before – After Photos

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Please find below the before and after pictures of hair transplants using the DHI method. Depending on your problem area, you can click below selection and see some examples of successful DHI transplants for each area.

DHI’s successful results – how do we do this? 

If you look at the before and after pictures of DHI hair transplants, you will see that our method achieves excellent results – natural looking hair with an aesthetically designed hailine where existing and transplanted hair fit well together. We do this in a gentle and painless way like no other provider.

We achieve this with a minimally invasive technique that has been tried and tested for many years, using the DHI Implanter instead of a scalpel: Only healthy hair follicles with growth potential are selected and implanted. We create the highest hair growth rate (93%+) and are particularly well suited to thickening thinning hair.
In addition, there is the enormous experience of our doctors: They assess the individual hair situation of each individual patient, design a natural-looking hair image and then work as a well-rehearsed team with the assistant to apply the superior technique of the DHI method consistently, effectively and sustainably.

How long does it take for such results to show?

In itself, the hair immediately begins to grow again and the first improvements are visible after just a few weeks.

However, it often happens that the hair falls out again after about 6-8 weeks. This is very individual, but in any case the implanted hair roots produce new hair immediately, which then continues to grow and no longer falls out.

Final success usually occurs after 9-12 months. Most of the “after pictures” shown above were therefore taken after almost a year.During a consultation, we can also show you additional before and after photos of people who most closely match your individual situation.