Why is the DHI technique superior to other methods?

  • The gentlest hair transplant method – no scalpels, no stitches when removing or inserting the follicle, pain-free under local anesthesia, no noticeable scarring and an extremely short recovery time (you can even return to work the next day).

  • Natural Results – The hair follicle is implanted using a special tool, the DHI Implanter, which enables the DHI doctor to better control the angle, direction and depth of the implanted hair compared to other techniques. A natural look is guaranteed.

  • Special Storage of Follicles – While the hair follicles are outside the patient’s body, they are stored in a special preservation solution (hypothermosol) that is commonly used in organ transplants. This is important for the graft viability rate. DHI Vienna is the only hair transplant clinic that uses hypothermosol for hair transplants.

  • Only DHI certified doctors – Our procedures are always carried out by a DHI certified doctor, and never, not even partially, by a purely “technical” employee. Ongoing training and certification by the London Hair Restoration Academy also ensures consistency and quality.

  • Careful handling of donor hair – Due to the high viability rate of the follicles – over 90% compared to a rate of 60-75% customary in the industry – less hair has to be removed in order to achieve the desired results.