Phone consultation

Even if you are unable to make an appointment with us in person, we will offer you comprehensive and precise advice.

In order to make this possible, we need the following important information from you: Please fill out the declaration of consent document, sign it and send it to us together with photos of you (described in a document below) to the email address info@dhi-

Please photograph your hair problem areas from different positions so that we can get a good picture of your situation so that we can give you the best possible advice during the phone call.

Please send a total of 7 photos (Examples here):

  1. Photo and mark the problem area (head, beard or eyebrows)
  2. Photo head from the front
  3. Photo head bent forward
  4. Photo of the head on the left side
  5. Photo of the head on the right side
  6. Head from behind (donor area)
  7. Head bent backwards.

Please also write us in the email when you can best be reached, so that we can quickly find a suitable date for you.

ATTENTION: We ask for your understanding that a signed declaration of consent is a legal requirement for an initial telephone consultation and that we are otherwise not allowed to advise you.